Sales Training Meeting Satisfaction Survey Template

Battery of sales training evaluation questions useful for professional B2B courses.

Overall, how satisfied are you...
Extremely Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Extremely Dissatisfied
With the materials, you received before the meeting and their value in preparing you to more fully participate in the sessions?
With the "skill-based" training that emphasizes interaction and participation?
With applying the business process to a specific product line?
With your ability to apply the knowledge and skills from the sessions?
With the overall logic and consistency to the series of sessions you attended?
That you received, at least, one specific skill or tool that will Enable you to become more effective in selling (Company) products?
With the tools, you have been provided to improve our satisfaction rating with your customers?
That there was a sufficient amount of time allocated to cover the content in the individual sessions?
That the information and skill building were relevant to your learning needs?
That the sessions changed your behavior and enhanced your effectiveness in launching new products?
That the information and skill building activities on maintaining and developing accounts were relevant to your learning needs?
That you are incorporating the use of your existing sales analysis tools frequently enough in calling on your existing accounts?
That you are focusing on providing Total Customer Satisfaction with every customer by soliciting their problems and needs which are not being met?

New Product/Concept Testing Surveys

Conjoint Analysis Example Survey Template

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New Product/Concept Testing Surveys

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Consumer product registration, purchase reason, demographics.